Residents & New Residents

Welcome, New Residents!

We are so happy you chose (or are considering) the Village of Briarcliff Manor to be your home. To help familiarize yourself with the community, we have created this "Virtual" New Resident Packet where you can find useful resources such as contact information for the different Village departments, links to our Village code and building permit applications, garbage and recycling schedules, ways to get involved, and so much more. We look forward to seeing you out and about at some of our Community events... Ragamuffin Parade, Halloween Window Painting, Memorial Day Parade, Summer Concert Series, Community Day.

About 91% of the Village is located within the Town of Ossining, while 9% is located in the Town of Mt. Pleasant. Both are respectively serviced by these communities for tax collection (county and school) and have access to additional recreation options.

Please keep in mind that the 10510 Briarcliff Manor zip code extends outside of the Village's municipal boundary, as shown in the map below. This means that while your zip code may be 10510, you may not receive services from the Village of Briarcliff Manor. For example, Police services or Sanitation Pick-Up. There are some homes in the 10510 zip code, and within Village of Briarcliff that are also serviced by the Town of Mount Pleasant (for Tax collection, additional Recreation options, etc.).

This page is always a work in progress - suggestions can be emailed to the village manager.

Boundary Map

If you have any questions regarding these municipal boundaries, please contact the Village Clerk at 914-941-4801.

Briarcliff Manor Boundary Map