STAR New York State School Tax Relief Program

There is two school tax relief programs-basic and enhanced STAR. All homeowners can qualify for the basic STAR program and receive a reduction on their annual school tax bill. Senior citizens over the age of 65 and with an annual income under $74,700 can receive a larger reduction through the enhanced program. To qualify for:

  • Basic STAR: Homeowners must complete and file an application in the Town Assessor's office. This is a one-time application and does not need to be renewed annually.
  • Enhanced STAR: Qualifying senior citizens must file an application annually and show proof of income. Senior citizens who filed an application will receive renewal notices annually from the Assessor's office. The deadline to file for a tax reduction for 2010 school taxes is June 1, 2010 with the Towns Assessor's office.

Register for the Basic and Enhanced STAR credits for more information.