Energy Smart Homes

Clean Energy: Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are the latest in technology to keep your home comfortable year-round. Heat pumps are up to 3X more efficient than oil-based systems with low maintenance and low emissions. Heat pumps pull heat from the air (air source heat pumps) or from underground (geothermal heat pumps) and use it to heat your home in the colder months. They flow in reverse and use a refrigerant to cool your home in the warmer months. You can also install a heat pump water heater. 

Local programs like the EnergySmart Homes program run by Sustainable Westchester help residents learn about clean energy options for their homes, and get connected to experts, professionals, and resources to help them transition to cleaner ways of heating and cooling their homes. If you are ready to replace your oil burner or furnace and are looking for information on clean energy solutions, contractors, and incentives and financing, and contractors, check out Sustainable Westchester's EnergySmart Homes program. 

For more information about residential heat pumps, please visit NYSERDA's Residential Heat Pumps page. NYSERDA also has information about Contractors and Rebates/Incentives for clean heating and cooling programs.

Clean Energy: Solar Panels

Solar energy is the fastest growing and most affordable source of clean energy in the United States. The technology converts sunlight to electrical energy through photovoltaic panels. If you are replacing your roof, it's a great time to install solar panels. A number of tools are available to estimate energy savings (ENERGYSAGE), energy production and cost for grid-connected systems (PVWATTS), and solar suitability of individual rooftops (SUN NUMBER, which partners with Zillow)

Solar tax credits: All residential solar PV systems installed between 2022 and 2032 are eligible for a 30% federal solar tax credit. This credit is only for "original installation" of the system. There is also a New York State credit of 25% of the installed cost of the system or $5000, whichever is less. Installing solar panels can eliminate almost all of the energy charges on your ConEd bill, although you will still pay the mandatory charges, taxes and fees. 

Visit NYSERDA for more information about Contractors and Rebates/Incentives for residential solar energy. 

Clean Energy: Community solar

Community solar allows everyone to benefit from solar energy, even if they cannot install their own solar panels. Customers are able to buy or lease a portion of solar panels located in off-site arrays, and receive an electric bill credit for electricity generated by their share of the community solar array. Community Solar customers save up to 10% on their electric bills. There is NO FEE to join the program and there is no cancellation fee.

If you don't have your own solar panels, Sustainable Westchester has information about how to sign up for Community Solar.